Tricks of the Trade: Organizing Purses

Organizing Purses

As I’ve blogged about possibly one too many times, my new apartment offered an opportunity to get creative with both interior design and organization. While both proved to be very fun and invigorating, the organization piece was sometimes challenging. I know, I know, you probably never thought you’d read that sentence on my blog, but I’m being honest here! Organization isn’t always easy — especially when you have no low shelves in your closet to prop purses on — but the end result is always well worth it.

Since I only have very high shelves in my closet, I had to get creative. My solution? Pretty bins store my purses and a stool to be able to access these bins. Though not the most practical solution, since changing my purse requires more than just swapping out items now, it makes for a really clean closet, as there are no floppy purses hanging around (pun intended).

Here’s a look inside the bins:

IMG_3853 IMG_3850 IMG_3849 IMG_3847 IMG_3846 IMG_3845

As you can see, I separated my purses by size so not all of them were randomly stuffed in a single bin. This way, if I am going out to dinner and just need a small clutch to compliment my look, I know just where to look.

P.S. For a look inside how these bins are situated in my apartment, check out this post.

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