Living Room Tips and Tricks


I absolutely love this blog post by Apartment Therapy all about tips and tricks to steal from very stylish living rooms. The post includes a total of 8 tips and tricks, but I’d like to focus on 3 of them.

  1. Pull your furniture away from the wall. Many people assume that all furniture needs to be touching a wall and make the mistake of pushing their couch so that it is completely flush with the wall. Really, all this does is make the room feel less cozy and much smaller. Try pulling things out from the wall just a bit to make the room feel more open and welcoming.
  1. Mix old and new. Purchasing everything brand new is absolutely no fun – the fun of it all is finding little pieces from antique stores, flea markets, and the like and mixing them in with the new items you’ve purchased. Find that balance and you’ll find gold!
  1. Keep things low. My mom taught me at a young age that all art should be hung at eye level, no higher. That way, you can really appreciate it since you can see it up close.

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