Bathroom Re-Do


When we first toured our apartment, we were head over heels in love with it. Everything from the original French doors to the archways in the entry way caught our eyes, and we knew it was the perfect apartment for us.

However, as with most things, not everything is sunshine and butterflies in our apartment, and there are some struggles that come naturally with rentals. Case in point: our teeny tiny bathroom, first shown in this post. While I’m actually pretty good about only keeping toiletries that I need – I’m not one to have 100 different face masks and hair straighteners – but with that said, I still do have far more than my small medicine cabinet allots. Plus, combine this with the products my boyfriend has and we clearly have an issue…

For a while, I solved this issue with a floating IKEA shelf that housed big baskets stuffed with extra toiletries. But after many months of standing on my tippy toes to reach into these baskets, I craved a better, prettier, more functional solution. When I stumbled across this beautiful faux marble étagère for under $200, I knew I had found the storage solution of my dreams.

Without further adieu, here’s my new and improved bathroom:


Check back tomorrow to see a highly detailed breakdown of everything I bought for my bathroom re-do!

8 thoughts on “Bathroom Re-Do

    1. The shelves were a life-changer! The whole unit was fairly inexpensive and can make a huge impact in a small bathroom like mine. Thanks for reading!

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