Now For The Details


While I love the overall look and feel of my bathroom – faux marble étagere and all – what makes it smell so delicious and feel so clean each time I walk in are the details. I spent a few back-to-back weekends shopping for the perfect candles, soap bars, and towels, and I’m so happy with what I ended up purchasing.

Though I would have loved to buy essentially every bathroom accessory Anthropologie, Target, and Cost Plus had to offer, I had to be very curated in my choices. After all, we’ve already been over how my bathroom is the size of a small closet!

To showcase some of my favorite items that I bought, I’ve divided them below by their purpose in the bathroom.

AromaWhen shopping for bathroom accessories, I’d encourage you to spend some time on items that will make it smell yummy, fresh, and clean. The best feeling in the world is walking into a bathroom that smells like heaven.

To accomplish this, I bought two candles, an aromatic soap bar — obviously one that smells just like Tulum!, and some little perfumes to display. Not only is the packaging on each of these items flawless, but they make me never want to leave my bathroom.

IMG_4050IMG_4052DecorTo make the bathroom feel like an extension of the rest of our home, I wanted to also add some interesting elements to spice up the decor. A fun dish and a beautiful vase to hold our toothbrushes did just the trick.


Since this is a bathroom, there are some items that you just need. But, keep in mind you can also make these must-haves pretty! I found these great embroidered towels from Anthropologie, as well as some clean glass jars to hold my essentials – q tips and cotton balls.


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