No Clutter

Zero ClutterThe main reason why many people have trouble with organization is that they surround themselves with clutter. Whether it’s 50 pairs of shoes or books on a shelf that weren’t even enjoyable the first time around, it can be very easy to let things build up.

While it is definitely not impossible to reverse the clutter damage – and I hope that my tips and tricks in this post are helping you to do so – I am a huge advocate for doing all that you can ahead of time to not let it get to that place. A very easy way to do this is to assess what you have two or three times a year, once during Spring, once during Summer, and once at the start of the New Year. That way, you’re always in check with what you have, what you don’t need, and what you can get rid of.

Because I live in a small space, I do this slightly more than three times a year, as when I buy something new I have to immediately think where I have room to store it. For me, this is a great way to prevent clutter (and to save money!) because I simply don’t buy things that I cannot house. Though for those of you with large basements or extra storage rooms, I encourage you to check in every few months and donate/sell that which you don’t need.

3 thoughts on “No Clutter

  1. I do this with clothes. If I haven’t worn something in 6 months and it isn’t for a specific season it gets donated. Sometimes you find things you’ve forgotten about and sometimes you find things you have no idea what possessed you to buy it originally…

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    1. Yes, completely agree! Clothes can often get buried in your closet and it’s a great practice to parse through your closet every few months!


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