Breakdown: Color Coordination

Color Coordination

I often write about color coordination, be it for bookshelves or closets, and the reason is because I absolutely love organizing by color. There’s something about the fade from the light to dark and the grouping of like colors and items that appeals to the senses and makes you feel excited to get dressed. Since I’d love for all of my readers to share in this feeling, here is a breakdown of how to go about color-cording your closet.


First, you’ll want to divide your clothes by type. Think: Sleeveless blouses with other sleeveless blouses, short sleeved blouses with other short sleeved blouses, and finally long sleeved blouses with other long sleeved blouses. Repeat for all items in your closet, include short skirts, long skirts, sleeveless dresses, sleeved dresses. Ok, you get the picture!

Light to Dark

Next, you’ll want to arrange each sub-division by color. For instance, here I’ve started out with sleeveless blouses. I go ahead and group them together and then begin to arrange by color. Since I don’t have any red sleeveless blouses, I started with creamy peach tones and worked my way through the rainbow, from light –> dark.


Finally, you’ll want to repeat this process for all items in your closet. In the above photo, you can see that my long sleeved shirts are all grouped and color coordinated, starting with a peachy button down and ending near the black polka-dot printed blouse.

IMG_4004 IMG_4006 IMG_4010Love it? I thought so!

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