These Days

A few weeks back, I spent the weekend at home in LA and had an amazing time trying new restaurants, seeing friends and family, and basking in the sun. Here are my favorite photos from the weekend.IMG_6066

There’s nothing quite as peaceful as the beach.


A little chilly, but still so beautiful.


The prettiest latte from Alfred Coffee & Kitchen.


Finally visited Gracias Madre on Melrose. Loved the tiles on the bar!


Give me a snow cone cocktail, chips, and guacamole, and I’m good to go.


First Image

It feels good to be back — both to the blog and to my little apartment in California! I spent the past couple of weeks traveling in Israel and though it feels wonderful to be back in my big, comfy bed, a big part of me misses Israel immensely. Over the course of ten days, I was able to see Israel from the northernmost point to the southernmost point, and everything in between. It is a beautiful country with beautiful history, culture, and people and I am so grateful to have had this experience.

Though I snapped about 400 photos, below are my absolute favorites.

IMG_6865IMG_6773 IMG_6749 IMG_6750IMG_6878IMG_6698IMG_6810IMG_6864IMG_6760IMG_6822IMG_6568 IMG_6877IMG_6875 IMG_6928IMG_6997 IMG_6985IMG_6908

Israel, I’ll be back!

Happy (Almost) 4th of July!

First ImageI wanted to wish all of my organizers a very happy Fourth of July weekend! May it be filled with many blueberry pies, s’mores, hamburgers, and fireworks.

I’m particularly excited about the weekend because I’ll be traveling to Israel with Birthright and I leave this Saturday! I’ve been wanting to go on Birthright since I turned 18 but for one reason or another, it never was the right time. What I came to realize is that it may never be the “right” time to take 10 days off from work and jet across the world, so it’s just a matter of committing and making it happen.

Since I’ll be gone for about two weeks, I decided to take some time off the blog so I can really unplug and enjoy. I’ll be back on July 27th with some amazing content, so mark your calendars and follow me on Instagram in the meantime!



I’ve loved the idea of using stacked suitcases as furniture for a long time now. Every time I tried to put this idea into action though, I couldn’t quite find the right suitcases and nothing seemed to work in my space.

While I haven’t yet found the suitcases for me, I am still a huge proponent of creating furniture out of odd items – whether that be a tree stump as a night table or a stack of suitcases as a console.

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Photos from: Pinterest.