My Blogging Advice

Blogging Though I’ve only been blogging for a little less than two years, I have managed to learn some really important things along the way. When I transferred my blog over from Tumblr, I had to think about so many things that had never previously crossed my mind. From my logo to the particular widgets that live on the right-hand side and even to the tags that I’d use throughout my content, every little detail was considered. What really helped me was to check out blogs that I know and love, such as Cupcakes and Cashmere, Sincerely Jules, Design Love Fest, and Gal Meets Glam, to see how they do it. After a ton of research, coupled with my first-hand experience, I outlined some of my key pieces of advice below.

Keep a calendar to be consistent. As a blogger, it’s very important to be consistent not only with the type of content you are posting, but also with the timing. If a reader visits your site and finds a post each day for a week, but then visits the following week only to find no content, she is going to be turned away. Personally, I try to post three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sometimes, I’ll also squeeze a fourth post in there, but all that matters is my readers know they can count on three weekly posts.

Get active on social. To supplement this great content, it’s also important to have a presence on social media. My rule of thumb is anything that goes on my blog should be amplified on social media — Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On top of this, I also like to post some original content to my channels to mix up the content and infuse my personality.

Make sure your site organized. Given that I blog about organization, I put a lot of effort into ensuring that my site is organized and easily navigated. Though even if I wrote a fashion blog, I still think it’s a best practice to keep your site clean and logical. To accomplish this, try to condense your navigation bar to only a few selections and be sure to tag all of your posts accordingly.

Be authentic. Lastly, make sure that your authentic voice comes through in all of your posts. People are coming to your site to hear from you, not another blogger, so let your personality shine!


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