My Favorite Beauty Products

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I’m not the type to have 500 different kinds of face lotions that I rotate between at any given time. Instead, I’ve used the same face lotion nearly my whole life – or, to be perfectly honest, since my mom told me that I needed to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and got me hooked on one product. Though I do test out new concealers, sulfate-free shampoos, and the like, I also have my go-to products that I purchase again and again. Here’s a peak into my favorite beauty products.


Sugar Lip Balm. My lips can get pretty chapped so I love to exfoliate them in the mornings and nights. This sugar lip balm is a life saver.

Cover Girl Lash Blast. Mascara is a product that I used to switch up every few months, testing new brands and types. But ever since my sister recommended Cover Girl Lash Blast, I’ve been hooked. It stays on all day and doesn’t clump. It’s a must!

Anastasia Eyebrow Shadow. This product helps to fill in any areas that you may have tweezed too much. During the day, I apply just a little bit to fill in my brows, and for nights out, I apply a bit more for a slightly dramatic look.


Mane Message Hair Ties. Hair ties should be fun and exciting! Cue: Mane Message hair ties that come in more colors than you could ever imagine.

IMG_4252 Essie Nail Polish. Purple may be pictured, but let’s be clear: I love all Essie nail polish.

Kai Perfume. I tend to steer clear from dominating perfume and opt for lighter, rosey scents like Kai’s signature scent.

Jyta Vital Contour. This product is truly magic in a bottle. Dab onto your eyes before bed and right when you wake up for an instant de-puffer.


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