Dallas and Austin Travel Diary

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I’ve been wanting to visit Texas for such a long time — it’s high up on my bucket list, right next to New Orleans, Atlanta, and Nashville. Just this past week, I had the opportunity to travel to Dallas for work and decided to extend my visit to explore some other parts of the state.

While the heat was brutal, it was such a fun trip and made me even more dedicated to actually book those trips to other Southern states I’ve been meaning to visit.


As I mentioned, I started my trip in Dallas and while I was only in town for work, I tried to squeeze in a few tourist attractions here and there. Read: I tried to spend as much time laying by the pool in the evenings as possible. The Joule was my absolute favorite hotel that I visited. It’s filled with the cutest coffee shop and an adorable clothing/tchotchke boutique. Oh, and the pool is pretty ok as well.


After a few days in Dallas, I met up with my friend and we started the trip down the state toward Austin. Since Waco is halfway between the two cities and Fixer Upper just happens to be my favorite show in this world, we made a pit stop at the Magnolia Market so I could grab some goodies. Actually, I almost missed my opportunity to visit this cute little shop because traffic was so, so terrible. The kind girls at the shop willingly stayed around until I arrived shortly after close time, and I could not be more thankful for that! I had the whole store to myself and got to know all of the employees.


Then, we made it to Austin! This was definitely the highlight of the trip (well, aside from the royalty treatment I received at the Magnolia Market). Austin is such a cool city filled with amazing bars, restaurants, and people. I thoroughly enjoyed everything we did and would recommend: South Commerce for shopping, Barton Springs for some much-needed swimming, Rainey Street for drinking and dancing, and Rudy’s for some authentic barbecue.IMG_7504 IMG_7546 IMG_7549 IMG_7402 IMG_7441IMG_7418

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