Laundry & Fun

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Laundry & fun, yep you read that right. I’m a firm believer that laundry doesn’t have to be a miserable chore, rather it can be enjoyable if done the right way. When I do laundry, I like to take it one step at a time, doing only darks or only whites, but not both at once.

I also like to put on Pandora and sing along to good music while folding away. Not only does it make the time pass, but it also takes your mind off the fact that you’re folding laundry. Try it!


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P.S. For a suggested laundry schedule that ensures you’ll never be overwhelmed by the amount of laundry you have to do, check out this post.

Peek Into Pinterest



Any time I need a little inspiration, whether it’s for a floral bouquet or an outfit, I always turn to Pinterest. I love sifting through others’ images until I find that one that sends me off feeling both clear-minded and inspired.

Though all of my boards are filled with images that I love, here are some of my absolute favorites that I’d re-pin again and again if I could.


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Green Thumbin’ It

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Over the past year or so, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with both plants and flowers. From succulents to peonies to fiddle leaf fig trees, I love it all and cannot get enough. If you don’t believe me, just take a peak at my Pinterest boards

With this obsession has come some trial and error as I’ve figured out what greenery looks best in my home, as well as how to care for each of them. While every plant is different, here are some general tips that have helped me to keep my plants alive for several months now.

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Where to place. Most indoor plants thrive best under indirect sunlight, so try not to place your plants directly under a window. I have both of my large plants behind chairs that are placed near a window. That way, they’re close enough to the sun without being fried by it.

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How often to water. I water all of my plants every Saturday morning when I wake up. Typically speaking, that is enough water for them. However, if you live in a really warm climate, then I’d recommend feeling the soil to be sure. If the soil is very dry, the plant needs more water!

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When to trim back. Your plant may brown in some spots, and that’s completely normal. You can go ahead and trim that part of it off to ensure it doesn’t affect the rest of the plant.

Vintage Door Knobs

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What can I say? I’m a sucker for glass, vintage doorknobs and couldn’t be happier that our apartment has the original knobs on almost every single door. Because they’re just that pretty, I love drawing even more attention to them by hanging similarly pretty items off of them – necklaces, hair ties, totes, etc.

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Does your home have vintage doorknobs as well? I’d love to see photos! Please share in the comments section.