Big Sur Travel Diary

EQP8BNy_espviNJDzYF7zsA3jNxK0CciePRU7lRwkvqIoCn2-bRYBRBiiBVe3GJ20otQySV-4BMi-yvNfUSJgbudZV6Ze7t0Tk1ylqmFZxD0BCRtWp1rM-voNiGPMoPNeg_KSRh93Vm5gv8U2cQcpO-80wq38xNCNA-dpBqygG32Igjc8ECK4b9bG2RR6nh-Jy1BXelhtqjo0MvHtaWCkYUsI’m always envious of people who plan amazing trips for Labor Day weekend, while I just use the time to catch up on sleep and do things I’ve been meaning to do for weeks. This year, however, I was one of those very people. Since Labor Day Weekend coincided with our six year anniversary, we planned ahead and booked a few nights in Big Sur. It was nothing short of spectacular — stunning views around every bend, giant redwood trees, and surprisingly, perfect weather.

We stayed at Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn and would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a charming & historic place. We tried to eat just about everywhere, but my favorites were: Deetjen’s, Big Sur Bakery, and Nepenthe.

IMG_8182IMG_8014IMG_8040IMG_8074IMG_8094IMG_8201IMG_8202 IMG_8146  IMG_8145 IMG_8152 IMG_8151 IMG_8044IMG_8084

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