Happy National Make the Bed Day!

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Bet you didn’t know it was National Making the Bed Day, did ya? Well, that’s why you have me! In honor of this truly sacred holiday, I’ve outlined some simple steps you can follow to make sure your bed looks beautiful today and everyday.


Step 1: Start with your base. Though it may be faster to just cover wrinkled up sheets with the duvet, you’ll be so much happier if you take the time to straighten out the sheets.

Step 2: Cover the sheets with your duvet. Pay close attention here to where it hangs on each side, as to be sure it is evenly dispersed.


Step 3: If you have another blanket that you place at the edge of the bed – I’d highly recommend getting one if you don’t already! – then here is when you should place it over your duvet. Again, be mindful of where it hangs on each side. IMG_4536IMG_4540

Step 4: Place the pillows. I like to start with my biggest pillows and then move to my sleeping pillows, and finally my throw pillows. I know, I know, I have a lot of pillows! IMG_4546

Step 5: Once my bed is all made, I like to spray a little bit of my favorite scent, red currant by Votivo. It makes my whole room smell delicious and lasts throughout the day.


P.S. Remember that even something so small as making the bed can be a great way to start your day on a positive, productive note.

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