If you had asked me a month ago whether I thought it was a good idea to keep old magazines stacked in your living room, I’d respond with an unwavering, “no.” As someone who avoids anything that even slightly resembles clutter, I definitely would not have approved of the idea.

But, fast-forward a month and my perception has slightly changed. There’s something about the curated look of stacked magazines that, when done right, looks purposeful and not cluttered at all.

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These images from Pinterest are currently inspiring me to give it a try, especially since I just started a yearly subscription to Vogue and Porter magazines. You know what that means… stay tuned for a future post featuring my chicly stacked magazines.

Favorite Photography Apps

First ImageIn my last post, I wrote about some photography tenants that dictate almost every snap I take and help me achieve the well-lit and balanced aesthetic that I love. But, sometimes you just can’t get the light the way you want it, or your lines aren’t perfectly straight and you need a little bit of help. Enter: my favorite photo editing apps to save the day!

Arrows to Photgraphy Apps

Adobe Photoshop (PS) Express. Heard of it? I kid, I kid. But did you know they have a mobile app? I always start with this app to adjust the levels of my photo – everything from clarity to exposure to vibrancy. 

Snapseed. After finishing up in Photoshop Express, I then head over to Snapseed. I love this app because it allows you to selectively edit and adjust small areas of a photo.

VSCO Cam. Finally, I’ll come over to VSCO Cam to add some finishing effects and filters to my photo. I’ll also save it to my profile so that others in my VSCO Cam community can see my post!Before and After1 3 4 6

And there you have it! From dark to bright and Instagram-able in no time.

Photograph Like a Pro

First Image-1

A huge goal of mine is to start taking photography courses, not only so I can enrich the blog, but also so that I can continue learning and improving upon something that I am passionate about. Luckily, there is a ton of information online that I can reference and there is also a great benefit from getting out into the field and practicing.

While I am no expert, here are a couple photography practices that dictate the photos I take.

Lighting. When shooting a photo, I try to play around with the exposure as much as possible as to let in a lot of light. My eye gravitates toward bright, well-lit photographs that showcase the beautiful details.

The Rule of 3. Right on par with lighting, the composition of a photo is really what makes it stand out as a stunning image. Even if you’re just aiming to shoot a rose right in front of your face, go ahead and take a look at what is surrounding it. Is there a bright red front door in the distance? Or maybe some clear blue skies above? When shooting landscapes, I try to follow the rule of three in order to balance the composition and provide a greater sense of visual interest.