My Grocery List

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When planning a trip to the grocery store, it’s important to have a game plan. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving with items that make something very far from delicious when paired together. Errr, at least that’s what happens to me!


It may sound funny, but this cute little market list notepad has changed my life – in a big way. It’s cute enough to keep out in the open of your kitchen and has enough writing space to accommodate all of my must-buys. Since it’s out in the open, it encourages me to think about what I may want or need from the grocery store in advance. That way, I build a running list that I can take with me straight to the store on Sundays. No fuss at all!

IMG_4327 IMG_4334 IMG_4336 Oh, and how could I not mention Plenty?! It’s basically the best thing I’ve purchased in a while – ok, ok, aside from my market notepad! If you’re looking for an inspiring, healthy cookbook with vegetable-based recipes, this is the one for you.

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