This Is How We Do It

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We’ve all been there when there are more clothes on the floor of our closets than actually hung. The reason we get here is because it can be easier to just throw clothes on the floor instead of hang or fold them and place them back into their intended location.

Trust me, I completely get it. There have been plenty of nights when I get home from work and want nothing more than to throw my clothes on the floor and close the door so I can get into bed. But, in the long run, all that would do is cause me stress the following day or later that night when I inevitably head back into my closet. Instead of pushing off the clean up for another day, tackle it in the moment before it gets too messy or too big.

Each day, I follow the same routine. I wake up, try on some outfits. Naturally, some work and others don’t, but I’m always sure to put back the items that didn’t work for me. Once I get home after work, I change out of my work clothes, put them away, and slip into either gym clothes or pajamas.

Collage Putting Clothes Away

I’d really encourage you to give it a shot. Think about it this way: you’re tacking on about 5 – 10 extra minutes each day by doing so v. having to spend hours sorting through all of your clothes after a long week of leaving them on the floor. See what I mean?

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