Photograph Like a Pro

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A huge goal of mine is to start taking photography courses, not only so I can enrich the blog, but also so that I can continue learning and improving upon something that I am passionate about. Luckily, there is a ton of information online that I can reference and there is also a great benefit from getting out into the field and practicing.

While I am no expert, here are a couple photography practices that dictate the photos I take.

Lighting. When shooting a photo, I try to play around with the exposure as much as possible as to let in a lot of light. My eye gravitates toward bright, well-lit photographs that showcase the beautiful details.

The Rule of 3. Right on par with lighting, the composition of a photo is really what makes it stand out as a stunning image. Even if you’re just aiming to shoot a rose right in front of your face, go ahead and take a look at what is surrounding it. Is there a bright red front door in the distance? Or maybe some clear blue skies above? When shooting landscapes, I try to follow the rule of three in order to balance the composition and provide a greater sense of visual interest.

4 thoughts on “Photograph Like a Pro

  1. I want to get into photography also to better my blog and just because I enjoy capturing moments. I use my HTC phone right now because it takes great photos, but I want to do bigger and better things.. You have some amazing photos on your blog by the way. You should do a post on how you capture the best photos. Would love to read. 🙂


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