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My mom always taught me to ask myself whether something is timeless before purchasing it. Of course, this task is much easier said than done but the mere act of even asking yourself will likely weed out some bound-to-be-regretful purchases.

I definitely don’t always abide by my mom’s advice (though I try!), but this season, I have tried to be smarter about which trends I’ve welcomed into my closet. Here’s a look at the trends I’m loving, and really do believe to be classics!


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Flare Jeans. I had a few pairs tucked away in my parents’ house from when I was in middle school and sure enough, they’re now back in style. I love wearing them with heels for a night out, or booties for a day at the office.

Denim Skirts. This baby served me well this Summer and I’m excited to continue to wear it through Winter. In Summer, I paired it with tanks and sandals, but this Winter, I’ll be wearing it with chambray button downs and chunky knits.


Bandanas. Whether tied around your purse or your neck, bandanas are trés chic.


Mules. When strappy heels just aren’t an option, mules are the answer.


Turtle Necks. There is nothing more comfortable than an oversized turtle neck weather. I love this sweater just as much with jeans and boots as I do tucked into a skirt.


Off the Shoulder. I absolutely love this trend and am sad I didn’t hop on the bandwagon sooner. When I find myself in a clothes rut with seemingly nothing to wear, I pair this off the shoulder number with some skinny jeans and flats and call it a day.

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