Welcoming Winter

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At the dawn of each season, I love to change little things here and there in my apartment that actually make a big impact. After all, it just seems kind of wrong to have floral pillows and throws out in the living room when the weather is gloomy and cold.

With Winter just around the corner, here’s how I’m getting my house ready:


White flowers. I absolutely love Winter white, whether that’s in the form of roses or an all-white get up.


Teas and nature scents. It’s a must to have tons of teas and hot chocolate in the house during Winter time. I love flavors like cinnamon and vanilla for the Holiday season. I also like to incorporate different candle scents during the colder months – this candle from Coqui Coqui is my favorite!


Pumpkins. While this is sort of a Fall thing, I love keeping pumpkins in the house during Winter as well.


Thicker moisturizers. My skin gets super dry in the colder months so I’m preparing in advance with coconut body lotion.


Rustic vases. No need for bright, cheerful vases during the colder months. Instead, I like to place my plants in more rustic holders, such as this wooden one from BloomThat.

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