A Look Back: 2015 Travels

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As someone who suffers from the travel bug year round – seriously, I want to go everywhere – I’m pretty pleased with all of the exploring and wandering I did this past year. Re-reading all of my 2015 travel content has me inspired for another year of wanderlust, and I’m excited to see where the wind blows me.

Mexico // Las Vegas // Los Angeles // Israel // Texas // Big Sur

P.S. To see all of my local Bay Area travels, you can visit this link.

Wish List: Subway Tile


Subway tile is often viewed as an inexpensive solution to a kitchen renovation, but in my book, it is a clean, crisp, and refreshing option that makes any kitchen pop. I love the look of an all-white backsplash with color added in the form of plants, wooden cutting boards, and flowers. Needless to say, subway tile in either a kitchen or bathroom is currently on my wish list.

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Pro tip: Opt for white grout for a super clean, polished look.

Photos from: Pinterest.

My Therapy: At-Home Manicure

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Painting my nails is like a ritual to me and I love it because it really makes me stop, focus, and breathe. Every Sunday, I go to yoga, hit up either the farmer’s market or the grocery store, and then come home and start my beauty routine (think: face mask, wet hair, painted nails, etc.). In other words, Sundays are about me and are my time to just relax and get myself all geared up and pretty for the week to come.

Because I have painted my nails probably a million times in my day, I’ve honed in on some pretty great products out there. Here’s what I use and how I do it!


Step 1. After picking out what color I want to wear, I set up my little station on the kitchen table. First things first, I cut, file, and buff my nails.


Step 2. Once my nails are the length and shape I want them to be, I moisturize with a lotion called Hand Food. It is seriously the best.


Step 3. Now comes the painting. I’ve learned the hard way that base coat is a must, otherwise your nails will turn yellow with time. My go to is the base coat by Deborah Lipmann.


Step 4. I then apply two coats of the color I’ve chosen, sometimes three if it’s a really pale pink. Let the coats dry in between applications, but don’t move too much or you’ll mess them up!


Step 5. Finally, finish off with top coat. Again, I’ve learned the hard way that I good top coat is absolutely crucial. Back when I used to do my nails on a weeknight just before bed, I’d wake up in the morning with pillow marks all over my nails and have to completely re-do them come morning. Enter: an amazing top coat that dries instantly and leaves your nails feeling like the salon does.

Et, voila!