Wish List: Subway Tile


Subway tile is often viewed as an inexpensive solution to a kitchen renovation, but in my book, it is a clean, crisp, and refreshing option that makes any kitchen pop. I love the look of an all-white backsplash with color added in the form of plants, wooden cutting boards, and flowers. Needless to say, subway tile in either a kitchen or bathroom is currently on my wish list.

0b3e201f12601635564fd8c8450d664c54ae4339afb5ae2a39fd2b30f0e4c74a 84d3b962e6bb95eb7152fbdbd3b8cbf5 71559a34c16ce25cdd8da3d6c06f8ad3 b7488a6aa09d8ba775c2d3b14f84e20d

Pro tip: Opt for white grout for a super clean, polished look.

Photos from: Pinterest.

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