Wine, Anyone?

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I’ve been to Wine Country quite a few times in the past year (seen on my personal Instagram here, here, here, and here), so I’ve had the chance to experience several wineries. While I’ve never really had a poor experience at any winery, some are just better than others and are definitely worth visiting. Here are my favorites in both Sonoma and Napa:

Scribe Winery. Imagine rolling hills with grapes, hip staff, the Shins playing in the background, and delicious wine served with a cheese plate. In essence, this place is absolute perfection. Since I’m not the only one who thinks so, be sure to book in advance as their reservations fill up! 

Nickel & Nickel. This place is slightly more upscale than Scribe, but the grounds are stunning. I love to just sit in the “backyard” and admire the surrounding barns and homes. 

Imagery. If you’re into all organic things, this is your place. Not only is the wine delicious, but the winery has a view of the main road in Sonoma, as well as a really pretty lake!


P.S. Since you’ll need to eat between all of this wine, my favorite restaurants are: Fremont Diner, Boon Fly Cafe, and The Girl & The Fig.

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