Tricks of the Trade: Closet Cleanse

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I am seriously all for a good closet cleanse and like to do one several times a year. As I do them so often, my cleanses are typically on a smaller side (ie: I’m not purging half of my closet each time), but are super effective nonetheless.

A little bit ago, I blogged about the KonMari method to tidying up, and my method to a closet cleanse is super similar. And easy! And fun! Just like laundry. Ok, that’s enough plugging of past blog posts.

Really, a closet cleanse doesn’t need to be this super daunting thing that you need to allot a full twenty four hours to complete. Sure, it can be this intense if you’d like it to be, but it can also be very straightforward if you follow three simple steps.


Step 1: Cleanse. As a first step, it’s important to go through everything in your closet and get rid of what you don’t wear/need/want/etc. Think about it this way – you want to start with this step so you can really focus on what you love and not waste your time folding/hanging the items that you’re just going to end up discarding.


Step 2: Consistency. As a second step, you want to ensure you have consistency in your closet. What I mean by this is you’ll want all of the same type of hanger. You’ll also want all of your pants in one section of the closet, all of your shirts in another, and do not let them blend. For a list of my favorite closet accessories, check out this post.


Step 3: Color code. As a third and final step, you will color code! Think of this as the fun part as you make all of your clothes form a pretty rainbow in your closet. Start with light colors and make your way to dark. For a complete guide to color coding, check out this post.

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