Sweet Tooth: Fruit Salad

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One of my new favorite Sunday activities is to make a big fruit salad and store it in the fridge to last me through the whole week. Since I’m always reaching for snacks, I am really trying to work towards having healthy options on hand, and what better option than a fruit salad? Here’s how I like to do it.


Step 1. Choose your fruits. For this fruit salad, I went with blackberries, strawberries, grapes, and bananas. 


Step 2. Prep all of your fruits on a cutting board. This includes cutting stems off of the strawberries, picking the grapes off the vine, etc.


Step 3. Place each type of fruit in a large bowl, working with just one type at a time. I started with blackberries, then added grapes, then strawberries, and finished with the bananas.


 Step 4. Since this is a salad after all, go ahead and mix all of the fruit together in the bowl.

Step 5. Start eating and enjoying and then store in the fridge to eat throughout the week. To keep the fruit fresh, drizzle some lemon juice on top!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Tooth: Fruit Salad

      1. Yes. It was delicious. Didn’t last 2 days around here! I usually keep our fruits separate and they don’t get eaten. This fruit salad was a great way to get more fruits into my kids. Now I have to wait for the snowy streets to clear so I can stock up on more fruit!


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