Change of Pace

First Image

So I can’t really get away with saying that I have nothing to wear, since you’ve seen my closet many a time. But I trust that you can feel me when I say that I get in major clothing ruts and feel as though I have no options despite a closet filled with perfectly wearable clothing. With me? Great.

Since it’s no fun to feel this way, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and determine a system to combat this. Here’s how I’m doing it.


Each week, I’m going to pluck a few items from my closet that I love but just haven’t been wearing recently for one reason or another. Maybe I forgot I owned it or maybe I’ve been having some trouble styling it. Instead of hanging these items where they belong, I’m going to place them on the hook of my closet so that each time I open the door, they welcome me. This will definitely help me to remember they exist and help to inspire some new outfits!


If I’m still feeling pretty stuck, I might venture over to Pinterest and search things like, “white washed denim jacket” to see how others are wearing it.


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