Tricks of the Trade: Organizing Email

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A personal email account is one of those things that can easily get abandoned; we spend so much time looking at and working in our work email, that our personal inboxes fall by the wayside. Since I always strive for inbox zero and pride myself on keeping my inboxes – both work and personal – very clean, I thought I’d share some of tips and tricks.

  • Unsubscribe from anything you can. We all wind up on various mailing lists that we no longer care about. Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from anything you delete without even reading.
  • Create folders. Folders will allow you to file things away and reference them later should you need to. I have quite a few folders but some very useful ones are: “Finances,” “Personal,” “Medical,” “Work,” and “Travel.” Feel free to create folders that work best for you.
  • Cleanse your inbox. I like to think of what’s in my inbox at any given moment as my to-do list. Everything else that has already been dealt with is filed away. This way, I only have a few emails in my inbox at a time and know exactly what needs to be done.IMG_5251 IMG_5256

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