Bay Area Exploring: Loews Regency Hotel

First Image

A couple months back, I was lucky enough to stay in the Loews Regency Hotel in Downtown San Francisco in exchange for partaking in their #TravelForReal campaign. The hotel was nothing short of amazing – seriously, what thread count do you have, Loews? Please tell me. Luxury at its finest.

Since my boyfriend and I don’t often spend the night in San Francisco, we decided to pretend as though we were locals and walk everywhere. No bus, no car, just our feet. And we decided to head uphill, no less. Straight up to Coit Tower.

We also spent some time exploring Telegraph Hill, which is such a beautiful residential neighborhood, and enjoying the most delicious cheese plate.

IMG_9099 IMG_9102 IMG_9116 IMG_9119 IMG_9129 IMG_9159 IMG_9092

Thank you for having me, Loews Regency! I’d be happy to stay again any time you’d like.  

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