Dry Cleaning Routine

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Dry cleaning can be awkward. Ok, let me rephrase that. Knowing where to place your dry cleaning before you do your weekly drop-off can be challenging. You don’t want to place the clothes in your hamper as they’ll get mixed in with your regular wash, but you also don’t want to leave things hanging as though they’re clean. Lucky for you, I’ve developed my own routine for this dry cleaning dilemma. Yep, I’m going as far as to call it a dilemma.

IMG_5336 IMG_5335 IMG_5337

After I wear a silk blouse or a cashmere sweater and feel that it is dirty, I fold it nicely and keep it in a stack with the rest of my dry cleaning. I then place this stack in the corner of my closet next to my hamper. That way, I keep it very separate from my regular wash. Then, about once a week, I head to the dry cleaners with my pile and call it a day.

So simple yet so genius. Give it a try, ok?!

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