Schedule, Meet Eraser

First ImageIt’s no secret that I like to have structure in my life. From writing down every last to-do in my planner to making solid plans each weekend, I’m a big fan of order. With that said, I really believe that it’s important to incorporate some flexibility in your calendar. Without it, each week will begin to blend into the next and you’ll crave change. Trust.

What I like to do is mark off days as “flexible” ones so I remind myself of this mantra. I do my best to mark off at least one week day per week so that I get outside of my familiar bubble.

A given week looks a little something like this for me:

Monday: Work, yoga, laundry, tv

Tuesday: Work, yoga, tv

Wednesday, Work, flexible!

Thursday: Work, dance class, work on a creative project

Friday: Work, flexible!

Weekends consist of a mixture of work + play. They really are my only times to dedicate myself to projects like my blog or a great book I’m reading. But, I also like to use the days to explore and see friends.

IMG_5302 IMG_5307 IMG_5303

I hope this inspires you to add a little bit of creative freedom into your regular schedule.

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