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Booking a vacation is nothing short of exhilarating, but sometimes the steps leading up to it can be a bit stressful. There’s so much to consider when booking a trip, especially a big one, that it can be hard to not get overwhelmed. Luckily, these things only get easier with time and experience – and, of course, with some tips and tricks employed. Here are some of my go-to steps when planning a vacation.

Do Research. When planning a vacay, it goes without saying that research is key. Researching anything and everything you can think of – from the best time of year to travel to affordable hotel options. Also, be sure to check multiple sites. While sites like Trip Advisor are always a good call, I also like to search the vacation destination in Google and see the blog posts that come up. Often times, these authentic personal posts have some great tips.

Go Incognito. Once you’re ready to actually book, it’s always a best practice to check multiple airlines and flight options before making a final decision. Since travel sites have ways to see whether you’ve visited that page/searched that destination before, they often jack up the prices on you without you even knowing! To avoid this, be sure you’re searching in an incognito window throughout the whole process.

Plan Ahead. Vacations, particularly international ones, require a lot of prep so start early! My go-to is a dose of emergen-c each day for a week leading up to the trip. I also like to be sure that my prescriptions are filled, toiletries are stocked, and clothes are cleaned. Do yourself a favor and make a thorough to-do list so you know what needs to be done before the trip.

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