Jewelry Dreams Come True

First ImageEver felt like you want to buy a black velvet choker but don’t want to waste money on a fleeting trend? Or maybe you’ve been coveting a long, drapey necklace but don’t have a couple hundred dollars to drop. Orrr maybe you just love jewelry. Whatever the case may be, I have found the solution for all and I am seriously so excited.

IMG_5451IMG_5454 IMG_5457

Introducing: Rocksbox, a service that sends you the sweetest little packages filled with stunning jewels that you can wear, show off, and then send back once you’re ready. Truth be told, I had heard about Rocksbox about a year ago and always thought about subscribing but never quite pulled the trigger. Then, as if by magic, the girls over at Rocksbox reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try it out, share about it if I love it, and then sign up. Of course, it was a no-brainer.

Since I have pretty specific taste when it comes to jewelry, I was little nervous that I wouldn’t love what they sent me. But thanks to the little style survey + wish list they have you complete, they were able to see exactly what I was looking for. About a week after filling out this information, I got the cutest package in the mail. Every little detail blew me away–from the ribbon to the tissue paper to the personalization and finally to the quippy quotes. Everything was right up my alley.


Now, all I have to do is wear my three beautiful pieces and return them when I’m all set. As soon as I return them, my next package will come to me. Jewelry lovers, rejoice.

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