Wish List: Sun Room


Maybe it’s because I don’t have a backyard and this would be the next best thing, but a solarium is really really high on my current wish list. I can already imagine how I’d decorate it – a big comfy white sofa with some straw elements, lots of plants, and even more reading material.

Until I find my future apartment with a dreamy solarium, I’ll just be staring at these beautiful pictures and adding to my Pinterest boards.

b8f8bb4cad9d44b3a1f6961b123c56c57d9630c06f1b7269b40c6fd74a088512 380ad118b81fb7309ea23a5aa81c3802 5826851a4947db9e7be0c852c65bea9c c5693febd74dac7dffddc77e5fe1715b da5724d151ed1860a1419dd2ea90e054 8c95e91f53a86d1f3c262006eb8bf900

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