A Fresh Home

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A few weeks back, I shared my tips and tricks for a keeping a home nice and tidy, but how about keeping it fresh and airy? Sure, ensuring your home is dust bunny free is a great first step in this direction, but there’s a lot more to it. Since I absolutely hate feeling claustrophobic, I pay close attention to the airy quality of my apartment.

Here’s what you can always expect when you walk through my doors:

Open windows: Even during the colder months, I like to keep a window cracked to let fresh air to circulate through my apartment. During the warmer months, you better believe I have nearly every window open.

Fresh smell: Through a combination of room sprays, delicious candles, diffusers, and soaps, my apartment always smells pretty nice. I am currently loving the red currant Votivo room spray, and love to stock my apartment with Voluspa and Coqui Coqui candles.


Ample greenery: You can’t achieve a fresh and airy quality without natural elements in your home. So ditch those fake flowers and add succulents, an orchid, and any other plant/flower that makes you happy. You’ll feel fresher in no time.


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