Bay Area Exploring: The North Bay

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There is so much to do and see in the North Bay that it can sometimes be overwhelming. From Sausalito to Tiburon to Fairfax to Muir Beach, there are so many little towns in Marin proper alone.

But if you happen to have another hour on your hands and really want to head up North, I’d highly recommend checking out Point Reyes + Tomales Bay. A couple months back, my boyfriend and I made the drive out, stopping at Stinson beach along the way to stretch our legs a bit. Tomales Bay has some cute little shops and restaurants and Point Reyes is just absolutely breathtaking. See for yourself!

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Oh and how could I end this blog post without some fun facts? Point Reyes can be the foggiest and the windiest place in the United States, hence why there is a super famous lighthouse there. My boyfriend and I made our way up to the lighthouse and it happened to be the most beautiful clear and sunny day (but still super windy, don’t let these photos fool you).

Final pro tip: I would recommend calling the lighthouse ahead of time for a weather forecast. If they predict high winds and fog, they may shut down the road early.

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