Layered Rugs

2701e92ceffbd6e19aaaf4b6590ba27cOften times, what I am most drawn to is a design style I would have never though of on my own. A perfect example of this is the layered rugs look. Had you asked me a year ago whether I want two rugs in my living room, layered atop one another, I would have looked at you like you’re crazy. But now I am basically obsessed with this look and am thinking about it for my own space. See for yourself!

0a4db9dc7462818fbbdc6cc7d2897f92 2fd5cb94e26d3bdce85b9fd710528396 5a3302d834dac9c5212d9b811181d288 e61db71fbb661e6fe2776dfc1aaee70c 3c503c1337a589c4e6afc392f2261bc3 d7a2ff019cb4ccab822580cf51e1ba07

Photos from: Pinterest.

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