Seattle Travel Diary


Every year, Will and I try to go somewhere new to ring in our anniversary. Since last year was a road trip down to Big Sur, we knew we wanted to hop on a plane this year–and it didn’t take us long to land on Seattle.

When we travel, we like to make the most of each day by waking up early and exploring by foot if possible. Seattle was no exception and I’m pretty proud of all that we were able to do in just three short days. Here’s a look into our travel diary.

Day 1: We decided to fly into Seattle early in the morning on Saturday. This sounded good on paper (one less hotel night and a little time after work on Friday to unwind and prepare), but let’s just say waking up at 4 AM to head to the airport didn’t feel so good in reality.

Because we took such an early flight out, we had already dropped our bags off at our hotel and secured a seat at brunch by 10 AM. We ate at the London Plane in Pioneer Square and I loved every minute of it. I mean, just look at the pictures.



From there, we made our way back downtown with a couple pit stops at the Public Library and Seattle Art Museum. The Public Library has to be the coolest library I’ve ever seen, and the Seattle Art Museum was definitely worth the visit. We only spent about an hour and a half there and were able to cover nearly every corner. Plus, it’s donation based so you can pay what you’d like!

img_4098img_4102After stopping back at the hotel for a quick change of clothes (it was pretty chilly in the morning but would eventually burn off and get really really warm in the afternoons), we headed back out to Pike Place Market. Be warned–the crowds are no joke here, but it’s absolutely worth the visit. From the first Starbucks to Beecher’s Cheese and Piroshky Piroshky, we were in good company.


To wrap up our extra long day, we took a spin around the big ferris wheel for amazing views of Seattle, checked out the Olympic Sculpture Park, and then grabbed sushi near our hotel.

Day 2: We kicked off our second day at the top of the Space Needle. While I would love to go back later in the day to get clearer views, being there early meant fewer people and better photo ops.


From the Space Needle, we uber’d over to the Ballard neighborhood which was just as charming as I had hoped. We ate brunch at the oh so hip Percy’s & Co, strolled through the farmers’ market, and did some shopping.


Making our way over to Fremont, we stopped at Gas Works Park for a stunning view of downtown Seattle and finally landed at Westward for some drinks and snacks to hold us over before dinner. We got lucky at Westward and were able to score two adirondack chairs with very little wait, but I don’t think that’s always the case.


At night, we celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Spinasse and dessert from Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.

Day 3: Because we only had a few hours on our final day, we decided to wake up early and walk to Pike Place for one final look. And that ended up being one of the best things we did all weekend because let me tell you, at 8 AM the place is empty. We strolled right into the first Starbucks and got to really admire the market without all of the crowds. Highly, highly recommend doing this.


We then spent the remainder of the morning covering as much ground as we could–from Pike Place to the main shopping area and all the way up to Capitol Hill. We absolutely loved this last destination filled with cute cafés, cool bars, and hip shops.


We had the best time in Seattle and will definitely be back.

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