An Organized Rush

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Whenever I tell someone that I blog about organizing tips and tricks, the first comment they make is something along the lines of: I wish I were organized but I always run out of time when getting ready so my clothes end up all over the floor.

Seriously, I’ve probably heard said comment fifty times at this point. So what better way to address it than to blog about it? I thought so too!



Trust me, there have been plenty of times when I’m in a rush and I don’t feel great about the state in which I’m leaving my apartment. We can’t always be perfect all the time—especially when we’re going somewhere and seemingly have nothing to wear despite a closet full of perfectly good pieces.

This blouse is too big so it winds up on the bedroom floor. This one is too small and there is goes onto the bed. This one is just right but now I have to change my pants. There they go on the bathroom floor.  

We’ve all been there.

Because you can’t really avoid the panic of getting ready some days, it’s important to know how to handle it either before or after. One of the best things I ever started doing was setting out my outfit the night before. Since I tend to have more time in the evenings, I’ll turn on my favorite show, stare at my weather app and work on picking out an outfit for the next day. I’ll then lay it out nicely in my closet so that I’m all set for the next morning. No fuss, no clothes on the floor.

But, maybe you don’t have time to set aside your outfit the night before. Or, maybe you didn’t even know you’d be going to this party so couldn’t have planned for it even if you wanted to. Not to worry. What I’d recommend in this case is setting aside time the next day to deal with your mess. To prevent it from building up further, I’d recommend tackling it first thing the following morning. Just put on your favorite tunes and get to hanging.

By setting aside time after the event, you’re essentially telling yourself to not worry, as everything will be taken care of. Hopefully, this will also help subside the panic that arises when you can’t find anything to wear.

Give it a try and let me know how it works out!

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