Closet Cleanse in Five Simple Steps

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Need to do a little closet cleanse this weekend? Who What Wear outlined five simple steps for refreshing your closet and I couldn’t agree with them more.

Make a to-do list. I’m all about to-do lists for just about everything and firmly agree that before you start any big project like a closet cleanse, you should outline a game plan.

Study your style. This point is a really good one. Before starting to go through your clothes, remember what you love, what looks good on your body, and most importantly, what you’ll actually wear.

Don’t hoard basics. Basics are meant to replaced every year or so since they get so much use. So in with new, out with the old!

Shop new pieces. When cleaning out your closet, keep in mind that you’ll likely be buying new pieces very, very soon. That will hopefully help you to part with some items that you don’t wear anymore.

Keep what you love. At the end of the day, even if it’s not “on trend” at the moment, if you love it, you should keep it. That’s that.

PS: Check out my closet organizing tips galore for some more helpful advice.

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