Keeping Your Pantry Fresh

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I’ve shared some tips and tricks about the kitchen pantry in the past, and now I’m back to provide even more. In many of our homes, the kitchen pantry can be a bit overwhelming due to its size and all that it stores. Additionally, because you open and close the kitchen pantry many times per day, it can be hard to see it with clear eyes. So a mess builds up, food grows stale, and you just keep on opening and closing that door. Sound familiar? Let’s fix that!

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To keep your pantry feeling fresh, it’s important to have a strategy for organization. My personal strategy is to use each shelf to house different types of foods. How you differentiate and divide your shelves will totally depend on your preferences and habits, but what I do is: breakfast items, snacks, grains and pastas, crackers and cereals, coffees and teas, and then baking essentials.

By separating your shelves in such a manner, you’ll be able to see all that you have much more clearly. This will avoid stale foods slipping between the cracks.

Finally, it’s always a best practice to set aside some time every few months to check out your pantry in full detail. Whether it’s foods you know you’ll never touch again, or maybe items you forgot you had and want to eat immediately, it’s important to review and remember what you have. Of course, if you find anything past its expiration date, be sure to toss it right then and there!


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