San Francisco Stunners

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Whenever my boyfriend and I decide to head into San Francisco over the weekend, we know we’re taking a chance on weather. It could be 75 and sunny in Oakland, but the second we cross the Bay Bridge, we’re immersed in a thick layer of fog.

So while we definitely can’t count of San Francisco to deliver on the weather front, we know for sure that it will never do us wrong when it comes to: shopping, eating, and architecture. Once the shopping and eating are done, of my favorite things to do in San Francisco is just walk around and admire all of the beautiful houses (well, more like apartments that are divided amongst six roommates). Whether it’s Hayes Valley, Pacific Heights or the Marina, every corner you turn will be another architectural goldmine.

IMG_1729 IMG_2210 IMG_3457 IMG_7069.JPG IMG_9102 IMG_1783 IMG_3581

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