Tricks of the Trade: My Closet Secrets

first-image I feel like I haven’t talked about my closet in a minute, and that needs to change. After all, my favorite room to organize is the closet.


I’ve talked about how I like to divide by type and then sub-divide type by color before, but I thought I’d go into even more detail this time. Let’s use my long-sleeved blouses as an example.

Here you can see that my long-sleeved blouses are all hung together. That is step one and is fundamental to an organized closet. All like items should be grouped together in your closet–long-sleeved blouses with other long-sleeved blouses, short-sleeved blouses with other short-sleeved blouses, and so on and so forth. With this method in place, you’ll never again have to search for that one blouse you got a couple years ago on sale at Barney’s but haven’t worn since because you can’t remember where you put it…


Once everything is divided by type, you’ll then want to move on to color. Starting from pinks and reds, make your way to black. Not only will this help with finding a particular item, but it will also make your closet look like a work of art.


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