Tricks of the Trade: Table Setting


As a little girl, there was nothing I loved more than setting the table. Whether it was just a normal Tuesday night dinner with my siblings and parents, or a fancier occasion with family friends, I busted out all the stops. I’d pick flowers from our garden, put out wine glasses, make place cards–you name it, I did it.

Fast forward several years later, and I still love a good, classy table setting. Since I don’t usually have fancy dinner parties at home (we only have a total of four chairs and aren’t the best cooks in the world), I tend to keep it pretty casual with a few special touches. See below for what I mean.


My first rule of table setting is try to color coordinate and keep things consistent (but let’s be real, that applies to pretty much everything I do). The gold in the glasses compliments the straw placemats, as well as the bit of wood on our cutting board.

dsc00669 dsc00675

The second rule is to always have a centerpiece. This really doesn’t have to be anything too fancy; practical is just as good. Right now, I’m loving the look of a chic cutting board with salt and pepper shakers, a small bouquet and some wine.


The third and final rule is to know the real rules. The fork is always on the left, knife on the right, and salad plate on top.


Hope this inspires you to throw a dinner party soon!

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