Wish List: Blue Velvet Sofa


I never thought I’d say this, but I am seriously loving the look of a blue velvet sofa. Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more of these pop up among bloggers and influencers that I follow, and I’m not mad at it one bit.

I especially love the combination of the rich, royal blue with a gold coffee table. So sleek and pretty!7cd537994acd55c81302623f6513687b 8a3ae5988edb8b3a1ac600dea855d45e 8bbb1f90c4bdfdfc757a5b0e0f170252 9e9bc8786874fd5aa8e191bdc9f4b259 44ee9076ac5254ac5f00e86b8462e687 532ea72143c3975be9d4d14a219b8dfa 536db76c0dd6aa4899b3a390ba496459 b915b9cc5e3d9537e4cc87b375e140dc-1 b915b9cc5e3d9537e4cc87b375e140dc ebae6707f4748d72ccdb085275a1538f

Photos from: Pinterest.

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