Scheduling Me Time

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It took me a while to really gain control over my schedule and understand exactly what I needed each week in order to feel recharged and fulfilled. I used to work out as the opportunity presented itself and paint my nails once I realized that they were far too chipped to make an appearance in public. Well, ok, maybe I wasn’t quite that bad, but you get the point.

Now, I pride myself on my planning abilities. On Sunday nights, I like to think about the coming week at a glance and roughly map it out. During this time, I’ll decide when I’m going to work out, grocery shop, grab drinks with a friend, wash my hair, etc. As I do so, I also try to remember how important it is to add in some spontaneity every now and again. DSC00321 DSC00312

Something I don’t budge on, however, is setting aside Sunday afternoons for me. While Saturday may be a whirlwind filled with brunch, yoga, errands, hikes, laundry, etc., I reserve Sundays for more relaxing to-do’s like getting a manicure, using a new face mask, and catching up on my tv shows. By spending the latter part of Sundays in this way, I feel like I got all that I needed out of my weekend before Monday rolls around.


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