Preparing for Travel


Every time we go away for the weekend, I find myself with a laundry list of chores to do in the minutes before we have to leave for the airport. Given this, I’m sure you can imagine how I felt as I was trying to prepare for our two-week long vacation to Thailand.

As we were gearing up to go, I made yet another lengthy list for myself of all house chores that needed to be done. But instead of just tossing it out once our taxi arrived, I decided to hang onto it. This way, I don’t have to rack my brain each time we prepare to leave the city, state, or country, because I have my list all ready to go.

Here are the household chores I always complete before leaving on vacation:

  • Water all the plants and move them to a sunny space in the house
  • Clean out the refrigerator and throw all out perishables
  • Take out the trash
  • Close all windows
  • Put away all dishes
  • Check mailbox
  • Change sheets (nothing beats coming home to a freshly clean bed)
  • Do the laundry (same logic here)


What other chores do you make sure to check off before leaving for vacation? Share in the comments!

Apartment Refresh


Hopefully it’s very obvious by now that I am obsessed with adding to my apartment–be it something so small as a vase or something so big as a chair. Going to the flea market each month is one of my favorite pastimes, so it’s no wonder that I always seem to have something new to talk about every couple of months.

Here’s what I’ve added since my last apartment update.

dsc01194 dsc01200

My favorite piece that I’ve added is this incredible Eames chair. I love that it’s not upholstered, but decided to top it off with a sheepskin throw to make it feel warm and inviting.


New coffee table books that I’ve been diving into on the weekends.


Holding onto this bottle of Scribe wine for as long as I can.


Couldn’t resist taking home this adorable berry holder.


I’ve been eyeing this Heath Ceramics vase for months now, and couldn’t be happier that it’s now in my home.


Loving this shibori runner that now lives on my dining table. (You can see other ways I’ve styled it in this post.)

What do you think of the little changes?


The past couple of years, I’ve gone all out and hosted my birthday at my home (see my tea party and picnic), but this year I decided to do things differently. While I love entertaining, there’s no denying that it is a ton of work and I wanted to take things a little easier this year. The best part? Even though I didn’t go all out and host a fête at home, I still had one of the best birthdays ever.

Since my actual birthday fell on a Wednesday, my boyfriend and I celebrated it by going to dinner at the stunning Tartine Manufactory. This place was everything I could have asked for and more. I mean, just look at the photos!

That Friday, we took the day off work, packed the car, and headed to Napa County. While we had originally planned to spend the entire day in Yountville–a quaint little town in the North Bay–we ended up making our way to St. Helena and Calistoga, too. Just driving from town to town is breathtaking, let alone walking around each neighborhood and breathing in the fresh, warm air. Needless to say, it was a really good day.

I ended my birthday weekend with a brunch at Serpentine, surrounded by my closest friends. It was such a lovely morning filled with lots of mimosas, conversation, and celebration.

Spring Cleaning


The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising, and you are cleaning. Right? I know, I know, it can be daunting to start a task so big as Spring cleaning. Where should you start? Should you try to knock it all out in one day? Should you hire someone to help you? While everyone’s case is going to be different, I’m going to do my best to make Spring cleaning as easy as possible for you. Here goes nothing!

dsc01396 dsc01400

First things first, you’ll want to sit down and make a calendar for yourself. Maybe that looks like one day a week for the next four weeks, or maybe it’s every day for one week straight. Whatever works best for you! Just be sure to make it achievable so you can actually follow through with your schedule. Remember, this step is supposed to help you get organized, not to overwhelm you.

Once you have your schedule in place, start assigning rooms or areas to each respective day. I firmly believe that it’s important to divide the work amongst spaces in your home–ie: one day you’ll focus on the kitchen, while another day you’ll work on your closet. If your closet is a beast, then you may even want to divide it up across two days. Again, this is your schedule and your plan, so make it work for you!

Next comes the purging. As you approach each space in your home, really try to look at each piece critically–if you haven’t used an ice cream scooper in the past five years, chances are you can toss it without hurting anyone’s feelings. Similarly, if there are expired foods, be sure to toss those as well. Getting rid of items you don’t need in your life is a crucial step to cleaning your home; I promise you that once your shelves are less cluttered, you’ll instantly feel lighter.

Last but certainly not least is the most fun part–the cleaning! Well, maybe not the most fun but certainly the most rewarding. We all have our own cleaning preferences, but I really love method products for all of my dusting, spritzing, and wiping needs. Just put on some great music and clean away!

P.S. For more Spring cleaning tips and tricks, head here.