Apartment Refresh


Hopefully it’s very obvious by now that I am obsessed with adding to my apartment–be it something so small as a vase or something so big as a chair. Going to the flea market each month is one of my favorite pastimes, so it’s no wonder that I always seem to have something new to talk about every couple of months.

Here’s what I’ve added since my last apartment update.

dsc01194 dsc01200

My favorite piece that I’ve added is this incredible Eames chair. I love that it’s not upholstered, but decided to top it off with a sheepskin throw to make it feel warm and inviting.


New coffee table books that I’ve been diving into on the weekends.


Holding onto this bottle of Scribe wine for as long as I can.


Couldn’t resist taking home this adorable berry holder.


I’ve been eyeing this Heath Ceramics vase for months now, and couldn’t be happier that it’s now in my home.


Loving this shibori runner that now lives on my dining table. (You can see other ways I’ve styled it in this post.)

What do you think of the little changes?

3 thoughts on “Apartment Refresh

    1. So happy you hear you like my style, Anna! I totally agree about the colors–you don’t need bright, multi-layered colors for spaces to feel textured and rich.

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