It’s Time to Slow Down

Have you ever been asked what you’re doing over the weekend and feel the need to list off a myriad of activities in response? I know I have. With social media—particularly of the live variety—taking over, it’s hard to avoid the pressure to present yourself in an always-on, always-interesting light.

Amidst all of these social standards though, it’s so important to make the time for what you really want to do on your weekend. Whether that’s laying on the couch catching up on TV shows or going for a long hike and not bringing your phone along for the journey, it’s so necessary to carve out weekend time to do what we need to do to feel in tune with ourselves and caught up on life.

Personally, I often get really overwhelmed with my schedule and wonder when I’ll have time to do all that I need to. When these feelings come about, I know it’s time for a “me” Sunday. Just the other Sunday, I did what some might call “nothing.” While I don’t think I left the house all day, I crossed so many chores off of my list and felt infinitely more caught up with the fast-paced nature of my schedule at the end of it. From swapping my work bag, clearing out my wallet, treating myself to at-home facial, and changing the sheets, I was so incredibly happy that I took the time to do what I needed to do—even if it didn’t make for the best Instagram content.

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