A Day with California Closets

A few days ago, I lived my dream day and I am so excited to be sitting down now to tell you all about. Why was it so dreamy? Well, it involved playing around in the most beautifully organized and constructed closets with California Closets. Need I say more?

When I found out they opened a brand new showroom in Burlingame, I had to go check it out—and let me tell you, it was well worth the visit. Not only is the surrounding neighborhood so cute (we’ll get to that later in the blog post, don’t you worry), but the showroom itself was so inspiring.

I probably could have stayed in the showroom for hours on end because there was just so much to take in. From media centers to closets, this place had it all. When I say I touched and analyzed just about every corner in the showroom, I am not exaggerating. And while it was all incredible, some of the highlights for me were:

  • The “Tiffany” closet, with its pretty turquoise walls and frosted glass cabinets.
  • The woven textured finish on the walls of their biggest closet installation. That, coupled with the mirrors and sleek nobs, was a real winner in my book.
  • The interactive design studio where you can project a 3D rendering of your space and interact with it—how cool!
  • The finishes wall with boards imported from Italy.

After playing around with every detail in the showroom (case in point up top) and getting allllll of the inspiration for my future custom closet, I ventured out into the neighborhood to explore. The showroom is located right in the thick of it all—there are tons of shops and restaurants to pop into.

I had the most delicious lunch from Limon Rotisserie and made the prettiest bouquet at Fiori. There was so much more I wanted to explore, so I will definitely be back!

Hope you enjoyed this guide to the best spots in Burlingame, and can’t wait to hear what you think of the California Closets showroom!

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