#TopShelf Talk

In the last year, I’ve become certifiably obsessed with all things beauty—from watching makeup tutorials on YouTube to stocking up on what feels like every hydrating serum on the market. So even though I’ve written about my favorite beauty products before (as well as how to organize them here and here), it was definitely time for a refresh.


While many of the products I wrote about in my last post have remained staples of mine, this is what I’ve added to the mix:

  • Glossier priming moisturizer: When I am going to be wearing heavy makeup, I always make a point to apply this generously beforehand.
  • Glossier boy brow in clear: My eyebrows are pretty naturally thick, so during the workweek, I prefer to just groom them into place than to add more definition to them.
  • Jo Malone Red Roses perfume: I’m super sensitive to fragrance so I prefer as light of a scent as possible. Jo Malone’s Red Roses is just that.
  • Sugar Rosé tinted lip balm: Hands down, this is my favorite product I’ve ever introduced into my life. It is so so moisturizing and adds the perfect amount of color to your lips. I cannot leave the house without this and would probably die if I did—that’s how good it is!

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