A Guide to Entertaining

I’ve always loved entertaining, but haven’t always found it easy. In the beginning, I used to panic and stress over every little detail and inevitably went overboard in all of my planning. Over the years though, I’ve learned that entertaining is in fact the perfect blend of art and science and now approach it much more casually.No matter what type of event I’m hosting, this is generally the schedule that I follow:

1 day before: The day before my bash, I head to the grocery store to pick up the essentials. Doing this one day in advance means that I have more time on the actual day to prepare, while still knowing that the food is fresh.

4 hours before: On the actual day of the party, I start my routine by cleaning up my apartment. From vacuuming and dusting to ensuring there’s a full roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, I cover all of the basics during this time.

2 hours before: About a couple hours before party time is when I start preparing the food. Of course, there are items that you don’t want to do until immediately before guests arrive (such as setting out a cheese plate), but do anything that you’re able to during this window. Also, don’t forget to refrigerate white wine and champagne!

1 hour before: Just about one hour before showtime is when I do the bulk of the work. I’ll light a candle in each room, put on some tunes, and finish prepping all of the food. As a finishing touch that helps with those casual vibes I was talking about at the start, I’ll mess up the throw pillows on my couch a bit to make sure people feel comfortable when they arrive.

15 minutes before: Ahh, we’re so close! At this time, I set out all the food (for this soirée, I opted for a casual cheese plate in the living room). Then I sit back, relax, and wait for my friends to arrive!

For more of my entertaining tips, head over to this post.

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